The school provides 15 coach lines.


  • Arrival at school: 8:30 am each day
  • Departure from school:
    • Wednesdays: 1 pm. Two special lines depart at 5:30 pm for students who are involved in extracurricular activities.
    • Other days: at 5:30 pm

Available routes:

Students of all ages travel together on the coaches, so a chaperone travels on each on to ensure everyone gets along, in line with the values that we transmit at the school.

You can track the coach in real time to calculate arrival times based on traffic, directly on the Nizatour website.

Modes of use

  • Full use: return journey every day from Monday to Friday.
  • Only Wednesday afternoons: return journey at 1 pm. This option is available from the moment when the school’s extracurricular activities begin and depending on whether there are spaces on the coaches.

Due to their special timetable, baccalaureate students have a dedicated shuttle service available to them that departs from Avenida Diagonal / John M. Keynes and arrives at school at 7:55 am. You will be able to request this service at the start of the school year using a form on the website.

How do you request the service?

If you want to request a daily service for the first time, ask for a permanent change of stop or unsubscribe, you can do so via a form before 15 July. If you wish to request the Wednesday noon bus service you may do so between 12 and 23 September.

If you were already using the daily bus service last year and you do not need to make a change of stop, there is no need to notify us.

How do you request a specific one-off change?

You can notify us of any specific one-off changes through this form: a change of stop or a day you’ll be picking up your children and won’t require the coach service, for example

Contact Us

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