Scholarships for excellence in humanities

Scholarships for excellence

These scholarships are specifically for the two years of baccalaureate in humanities and social sciences and cover: school fees, enrollment, books, specific supplies and school activities.

  • Requirements: The student must have good academic record and demonstrate commitment, motivation, collaboration, a good attitude and an inquisitive mind in order to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the scholarship.
  • Baccalaureate scholarship application process:
    1. Fill in this form and send it to
      Sign up dates: 28/01/2021 – 05/03/2021
      Admission test: 13/03/2021 08:30 (catalan, spanish, social sciences and mathematics)
      Interviews: After the admission test
    2. Once the application has been reviewed, we will get in touch with you so that the student can take the academic tests. On that day, you must bring the student’s national ID card and academic record.
    3. Those with the best test results will undergo a personal interview with the 4 members of the Management Board.

Entrevista a María Lola Picón, becada a l’escola: Descarregar

Entrevista a Martina Chiara Dipasquale, becada a l’escola: Descarregar

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