Extracurricular activities give students the opportunity to develop their cultural, artistic or sporting interests beyond the classroom

Students can sign up for a variety of extracurricular activities on Wednesday afternoons, and for musical activities during lunchtime. Secondary students can join the school’s sports teams.

Due to the current uncertainty the extracurricular activities will be published later. Last year’s activities are displayed here as an example:

Lunchtime musical activities:

  • Choir: from 2nd grade of Primary School and up to 1st grade of Secondary School.
  • Orchestra: 2nd grade of Baccalaureate.

Timetables and other organizational aspects of extracurricular activities can be seen here (PDF).

Wednesday afternoon activities include:

Parvulari1r i 2n de primàriaDe 3r a 6è de primària
Natació (Penguins)
Plàstica i manualitats
Teatre i expressió corporal en francès
Dansa en anglès
Escoles esportives
Iniciació Musical
Natació (Penguins)
Plàstica i manualitats
Teatre en anglès
Tennis (Bardou-Saez Tennis Academy)
Dansa en anglès
Entrenament d’equips esportius (a partir de 4t)
Escoles esportives
Gimnàstica rítmica
Llenguatge musical
Teatre en anglès
Teatre en francès
Tennis (Bardou-Saez Tennis Academy)

Dance in English

Helps develop rhythmic and musical coordination as well as flexibility, strength, balance, posture, body schema and spatial awareness and time perception. By taking the class in English, students will acquire practical vocabulary applicable to day-to-day life.


Helps students develop their intellectual and value-based training, improve their capacity for reasoning and creativity and increase their attention levels.

Sports lessons

Introduction to sports through popular games and first contact with team sports.

Rhythmic gymnastics

This develops psychomotricity and knowledge of the body and aspects of its functional structure.


A sport that transmits respect, sportsmanship, hard work and cooperation while helping to develop coordination, agility and balance.

Introduction to music and language of music

Introduction to the language of music through games and activities. Students develop their rhythmic, auditory, vocal, sensory and creative abilities.


Introduction to breathing exercises and yoga and relaxation postures with the goal of fostering concentration, attention and emotional stability. The workshop will introduce a series of classic yoga postures through games and imaginative activities.


Introduction to swimming for students in Kindergarten and the first stage of Primary School. A salt-water pool designed especially for the little ones, in which each teacher will work with a small group of up to 4 students.

Arts and crafts

Applied at different levels from J3 Kindergarten to 6th grade Primary, students learn to be creative and work with different techniques and materials. It helps them develop their intelligence and artistic sensitivity.

Theatre in English or French

The objective is for students to acquire a deeper grasp of linguistic expression and body language. It strengthens and develops oral expression and body language, encouraging individual creativity, teamwork, respect and the joy of sharing.

Theatre and body language in French

Students learn about their bodies and discover their capacity for expression.


At the beginner level, emphasis is placed on exercises that familiarize students with their surroundings and exercises to develop psychomotor skills and coordination in order to develop better tennis moves

At higher levels, students work on acquiring correct tennis basics, working with technique repetition in order to ensure successful exchanges on the court.

If you have any questions about the extracurricular activities, please contact us at: extraescolar@aula-ee.com

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