Students learn Catalan, Spanish, French and English and are progressively exposed to the four languages daily.

We want to provide the students with the capability to express themselves freely in any of the school’s four vehicular languages. We believe that multilingualism will give them freedom of choice in an increasingly global world.

From kindergarten, the student begins to progressively work on languages by integrating them into daily life in a natural way.

In primary, we work more intensely on foreign languages, interrelating them and teaching them in parallel to develop a more comprehensive capability.

During secondary, this multilingual model is complemented with a study programme based on works of world literature which serves as a real introduction to the values of different literary cultures.

Languages are also used as tools for learning in certain subjects.

At the end of secondary education, students can sit the official exams of the Institut Français (Delf B2 or higher) and the British Council (Cambridge First Certificate or higher).

In baccalaureate, subjects are taught in Catalan, Spanish and English. As a foreign language, students can choose French or English.

Students with motivation and a desire to learn can enroll at Aula at any time during the school year. We can help you to establish customized plans for language learning where necessary.

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