Digital thinking

We place IT at the service of learning to structure the logical thinking of each student.

Students learn to develop the ability to accurately design problems that can be solved through information and communication technologies.

Using several programming languages ​​we teach a way of structuring thinking following digital logic.

At four years old, kindergarten students begin to work with digital tools that enhance teamwork, communication, speech and reasoning.

In primary, students start to learn programming languages through robotics and Scratch, an educational project that teaches programming through games and experimentation.

Programming helps them to be reflective, persevering and rigorous, and also encourages them to structure their logical thinking and learn by trial and error. We always work towards students becoming aware of their own learning process, sharing and accepting their peers’ ideas.

In secondary, we move from programming as a process of synthesis to programming as a process of analysis: we place a lot of emphasis on thinking before doing, looking for different alternatives and analyzing possible errors before implementing a solution.

In baccalaureate, students delve into algorithms, reinforcing abstract processes and the ability to evaluate the proposed solutions.

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