We go at the pace of the students with no rush, in a cozy atmosphere, surrounded by nature and bathed in natural light.

We like to use the name Jardí (Garden)—J2, J3, J4 and J5—for the kindergarten phase, as it responds to the basic principles of Kindergarten: we work with each student according to their traits in a personalized way, so that they can grow from an educational and personal perspective.

Students develop in a natural way, through discovery, mathematical reasoning, digital thinking, creativity, and by managing and recognizing their emotions (Philia project).

Kindergarten children learn to:

  • Recognize, express and manage emotions while respecting others.
  • Develop autonomy, habits and good manners.
  • Grow in a multilingual environment: at the age of 2 they start French and English (along with their mother tongue).
  • Express themselves through music, drama, body language, drawing and visual arts.
  • Become aware of their body and manage their diet.
  • Think critically and use logic to come up with solutions.
  • Discover the mathematics that surrounds them.
  • Experience the pleasure of reading and starting to write.

Director of Kindergarten:

Ms. Núria Xalabardé


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The class start and end times are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: from 8.45h to 17.10h.
Wednesday: from 8.45h to 12.45h.

There is a reception service available from 8:15 am. On Wednesday afternoons we offer extracurricular activities for those students who want to take part.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner times vary depending on the grade. Lunch and afternoon snacks are provided by the school, and breakfast must be brought from home.

On Wednesdays the dining area is open for all students taking part in extracurricular activities.


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From 8:30 am, kindergarten children can enter the school via two places:

  • Main entrance
  • Direct path to kindergarten

If you enter through the main entrance, you can leave your children with the kindergarten teachers who are standing in the primary school porch welcoming the students arriving by coach. They will accompany the children to class. If you bring your children directly to the kindergarten building:

  • J2 and J3: you can leave your children with the teachers directly in their classroom.
  • J4 and J5: you can accompany your children to the J4 multipurpose room; then the teachers will accompany them to class.


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All kindergarten students must bring the following:

  • 2 school smocks
  • 5 bibs and 2 school bib bags (only J2 students)
  • 2 bibs and a school bib bag (only J3 and J4 students)
  • 1 bag for spare clothes which must include:
    • Underwear
    • Socks
    • Tracksuit or other items of clothing
    • Small hand towel
    • 1 plastic bag (for dirty clothes)
  • 1 school backpack, of the right size for kindergarten children so they can carry what they need for their day to day

All these items along with jumpers, coats and jackets—which should come with a large loop for hanging—must be labelled with the student’s first name and surname.


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Through several outings during the year, kindergarten students are able to discover nature, autonomy and coexistence with each other.

All the excursions are designed to reinforce knowledge that can be better acquired outside the classroom. Students work on observation, respect for nature, personal autonomy, the meaning of hard work, sensitivity, responsibility and coexistence.

In J5, they also go on their first field trip, where they spend a few special days in the company of their classmates, friends and teachers.

Contact with the families

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The relationship between the school and the families is important and necessary. You may contact us whenever you deem it necessary.

A close and trusting relationship between the school and the family is necessary, which is why, apart from the annual parents’ evening, we are always at your disposal to discuss the progress of your child.

An introductory meeting is held for students starting J2 or J3, between the family, the student and teacher in June, in order to get to know the student and spend some time together.

The best way to notify us about day-to-day issues is by email at [email protected].

To request a visit or for any other doubts, you can directly contact the kindergarten secretary either by email [email protected] or by phone on 93 204 63 15.

Would you like to get to know Aula better?

If you are interested in our school , please come and visit us during one of our Open Campus Days.


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