Strong focus on mathematics skills

Mathematics are essential for understanding and living in an information society, both now and in the future.

Students learn to develop their intellectual capabilities, critical approaches and thinking, and to discern between what is peripheral and what is essential.

In kindergarten they discover that mathematics is everywhere in the day to day. We base our teaching on their knowledge and experiences to achieve meaningful learning. We want to get to a point where mathematical language comes to them naturally.

During primary they learn to express their mathematical reasoning, to argue logically and to use technology with good judgement.

Students apply mathematics to situations in their environment using calculations, problem solving, measurements and geometry. This is how they discover that errors are normal and it stimulates them to ask more questions and acquire knowledge.

In secondary, students start to make their own assumptions and formal demonstrations. Day-to-day work is based on problem solving and reasoning.

Students learn to make connections with other subjects, especially IT and science.

In 11th and 12th grade, we offer two options for studying Maths. Each of these options can be taken at both the high and standard levels. These clases are taught in English and in Catalan.

  • Mathematical Analysis and Approaches: this course delves into the most abstract part of Mathematics and studies the proofs of fundamental theorems.
  • Mathematics Application and Interpretation: this course combines the formal study of Mathematics with a practical component applied to the experimental sciences and the social sciences.

Our Mathematics courses incorporate the national and international baccalaureate curriculum (for both Science and Social Sciences) which makes it a very complete and exciting subject.
Students who are more motivated to study Maths also have the opportunity to continue to explore it outside of their classes. At Aula we try to encourage participation in the many Maths competitions that exist: the Cangur, the Sprint and the Olympiads, for example.

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