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How do we use the data?

We only use students’ personal data for the educational or guiding functions of the Centre itself. Any use of students’ personal data other than those indicated herein, will require the prior, express and specific consent of the data’s owners or legal representatives. According to the current regulations, the personal information that we can request to carry out the previously indicated tasks, is that which refers to origin and family and social environment, to personal characteristics or conditions, to the development and results of their schooling, as well as to those other circumstances which it is necessary to know in order to educate and guide the students.
Relatives’ personal data will be dealt with exclusively for administrative purposes related to the aforementioned teaching and guidance.

How long do we keep the data?

The term of custody of the files and any other academic documentation is determined by the applicable regulations. According to current regulations, students’ academic records include “the results of the assessment, proposals for promotion and qualification and, where appropriate, any diversity measures employed, any significant adaptations to the curriculum, their official certificate of education and their level of acquisition of basic competences and a guidance report on their academic and professional options.”
Any documentation that may be attached to the student’s academic record and that does not form part of it specifically will be destroyed by the Centre as soon as the student completes his or her education at the Centre.


The twenty-third additional provision of Organic Law 2/2006 of 3 May, on Education, states that “Parents or guardians and the students themselves must collaborate in obtaining the information this article refers to. The incorporation of a student into a teaching centre presupposes consent for the treatment of their data and, where appropriate, the transfer of data from the centre where they had been enrolled previously, in the terms established by data protection legislation. In any case, the information referred to in this section will be strictly necessary for purposes of teaching and guidance, and can not be used for purposes other than educational ones without express consent.”
In cases where consent is required for data processing, the student him or herself can grant it if he or she is over 13 years old. If the student is younger than this age, the student’s parent or legal guardian will grant consent.


Transfer of data to third parties

We will only share personal data in cases in which there is a legal obligation to do so. In these cases, the recipients of the data are usually public administrations who will have access to the data within the framework of their duties.
In any other case, we will request the prior and explicit consent of the owner of the data, to be able to share it.
Category of data use
The Centre will use the following types of personal data in exercise of its activities:
– Identifying data.
– Economic data.
– Academic data.
– Educational data.
– Sensitive data (only in the case of students).


Data owners have the right to:
– Access their personal data.
– Correct their personal data.
– Delete their personal data.
– Submit a complaint or a written request for the protection of your rights before the Spanish Data Protection Agency or the autonomous data protection agency, if it exists.
– Be informed of any security incident that may affect your rights.

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