Pedagogical project

We prepare students to be open-minded and well-educated citizens, with the intellectual and emotional development that equips them for the future and encourages them to collaborate in making the world a better place.

We have a solid educational project in place that allows us to evolve continuously to adapt to the needs of the students.

Every student should achieve the necessary education and personal skills to face their future with complete freedom.

We want to provide each student with a comprehensive education by encouraging their abilities, providing a foundation of learning and knowledge, and by developing a set of universal ethical values.

The school’s mission is that students should live meaningful personal and educational experiences that allow them to fulfill their potential to live a life of purpose, to help others and to make the world a better place.

The main pillars of our educational project are:

We transmit these values in the classroom by means of various educational methods that allow us to keep the students’ hunger to learn alive, but we also transmit them in the school’s day to day: in the playground, at lunchtime, in teams sports, during extracurricular activities, etc.

We believe that in this way, our students will be able to gain a more comprehensive and global education.

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