Educational community

We are all part of the Aula educational community: students, families, teaching staff, support staff and the management team.

Developing well-rounded individuals, capable of striving to fulfill their potential, able to live together respectfully and knowing how to be part of a community, requires commitment from the school, the families and the students themselves.

The students are supported by enthusiastic and committed teaching staff that help them develop their talent and go further, fostering their curiosity and looking out for their emotional well-being. In this environment, as welcoming as it is demanding, the students themselves take responsibility for their own motivation and learning.

The role of families in the educational community is also crucial: it is essential that the school and family work together in guiding the learning of each student, and that we both share everything that may be relevant to the development and well-being of the children and adolescents. Together, we build relationships based on trust, communication and respect.

At the school we promote interaction between the different members of the educational community both inside and outside the classroom, between classes, after school and on outings. These interactions constitute educational experiences that make up our teaching and learning community. The day to day is essential for creating the environment we aspire to and for strengthening the ties of the community, always based on respect for others.

For the students to develop properly, we must all share the same ethos based on:

  • respect, in all the areas and situations in the life of the student, inside and outside the school
  • autonomy and responsibility
  • personal and intellectual integrity

Aula’s management team safeguards the implementation of the pedagogical project and the proper development of each and every student. If you would like to meet with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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