Educational spaces

The good habits and physical and emotional well-being of students are also developed outside the classroom.

In the dining area

At lunchtime, students share the dining area with classmates and teachers. They learn basic hygiene, table manners and dietary habits for healthy eating.

Playing sport

Sport is an essential activity for the development of students. They learn and practice the values of teamwork; they develop strength of will to overcome challenges; they learn honesty and respect through competition.

During school hours, students take physical education classes but those who want to do more can sign up to sports lessons (from 1st to 6th grade of Primary) or sports teams from 4th grade of Primary

They gain awareness of the environment

At the school, students learn to care for and respect their environment and to recycle; they become aware of the importance of working to live in a more sustainable world.

And in communication with classmates

Students spend many hours a day with classmates and teachers, and every moment is an opportunity to work on overall development of their personality (in the playground, in the dining area, during moments between classes, etc.).

We get close to students both on an educational and personal level: we give them the tools for them to understand what is happening inside them, to understand others and experience harmonious coexistence and the necessary emotional balance.

We also encourage our students to go further and participate in competitions and projects ] to deepen their knowledge, and to enjoy the special days held by the school. All of these things represent an opportunity for different school years to share experiences.

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