We encourage students' curiosity and teach them to be critical and creative so they can develop their basic skills.

During primary, students consolidate their skills in linguistic understanding and expression, mathematics, digital thinking, and in the world of science and culture.

It is a very important stage for promoting creativity in all areas. We nurture values that will enable students to fully develop their personality.

Students learn to:

  • Stimulate curiosity, observation and experimentation.
  • Develop creativity and critical thinking.
  • Get to know each other, learn to respect others, work together and develop a social conscience.
  • Embrace social and cultural diversity, and differences in ways of thinking and opinions.
  • Work in a team to maximize their potential.
  • Understand the culture of hard work and discover the pleasure of doing things well.
  • Acquire the habits and knowledge necessary to face the future with autonomy, security and reflection.
  • Develop a proactive, critical, self-demanding, persevering, happy and enthusiastic attitude.

During primary, students work with materials they themselves and their teachers have created. From the age of 9, we start to progressively introduce textbooks so that they can get used to the method of working they will experience in secondary.

In their final year, sixth grade, they prepare for their next stage in life: their lessons are held in the secondary school building and a name is given to their year group, which gives them identity and brings them closer as a group.

Director of Primary:

Ms. Laura Ruiz


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The primary school timetable is as follow:

  • Entry: between 8:30 am and 8:50 pm
  • Start of class: 8.50 am
  • Home time:
    • Wednesday: 1 pm
    • Other days: 5.30 pm

On Wednesday afternoons, students can take part in extracurricular activities such as dance, drama, crafts or sports, among others.


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Students can enter the school through the main entrance of the primary school building.

You can pick up your children in the Pati de les Oliveres. We ask the students to shake hands with the person in charge. This will get them into the habit of saying goodbye properly, and it will also allow us to easily see that they are leaving with the right person.


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Students from 1st to 5th grade of primary must bring the following:

  • School smock:
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades: blue and white checked smock
    • 4th and 5th grades: blue smock
  • School backpack or one of similar size
  • Sports kit (from 2 grade of primary upwards):
    • School sportswear: shorts, white T-shirt and tracksuit
    • White socks and white sports shoes
    • Towel and flip-flops for the shower

All these items along with jumpers, coats and jackets—which should come with a large loop for hanging—must be labelled with the student’s first name and surname.

Sixth grade students must bring the following:

  • Blue smock
  • Sports kit:
    • School sportswear: shorts, white T-shirt and tracksuit
    • White socks and white sports shoes
    • Towel and flip-flops for the shower

The school will provide a diary on the first day of the school year, along with any other school supplies that may be needed.

During the first week of school, teachers will inform students of any additional supplies specifically required for each subject.

Here you can find the detailed list of necessary equipment for:

Supplies can be purchased at:

    • El Corte Inglés or Carme Piquet (only smocks) on Major de Sarrià number 222.

Textbooks and reading

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During primary school, students take an active part in the creation of their school material. Teachers prepare the material suitable for each class and the students throughout the year compile these materials into their own book.

Moreover, each course has a number of textbooks and compulsory reading assignments that can be found here:

If you have any questions regarding textbooks you can write to:

The school offers a service for reserving textbooks for the 2018-2019 academic year and subsequent delivery to the school. If you want to use them, go to and enter the password we’ve e-mailed you. This service is active until 15 July.

Books, magazines and newspapers in all four of the school’s vehicular languages are available in the media library, arranged by age group.

From the age of 9, some subjects are taught using textbooks. In this way we gradually introduce the method of working used in secondary.


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Throughout the course, there are many opportunities for students to acquire new knowledge with several activities away from the classroom. Outings to the theatre, discovering the city, nature or visiting an exhibition, are just some of the great opportunities in which students can acquire knowledge in a fun and enriching way.

In addition, during primary, each grade goes on field trips where they learn about new environments: nature, wildlife, the weather, geology and the culture of sustainability.

Students learn to develop personal skills (self-knowledge, personal autonomy and communication), work in teams and discover the spirit of self-improvement. These field trips are a perfect opportunity for working on the unity of the group and on each student’s self-esteem and responsibility.

Relationship with the families

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A close and fluid relationship between families and the school ensures the proper development of each student

You can contact the primary department at any time to discuss the progress of your child or any other day-to-day issue, either by calling 93 203 03 54 or by email:

You can also send us the usual written notes which can be delivered by your child. We ask that these notes include: date, the student’s name and class group, reason for the communication, and name and signature of the father or mother.

We will either come back to you to arrange a meeting, send you an email or phone you to inform you of your child’s progress or to discuss their day-to-day issues. Families can also request as many meetings with us as they wish, which we will happily attend.

Would you like to get to know Aula better?

If you are interested in the school, please contact us. The best way to see what we do and what we’re like is to experience our day to day.

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