During secondary school we guide students in their process of learning about the basic areas of education.

We work with 3 basic objectives:

  • Stimulate the overall abilities of students and enhance those in which they stand out.
  • Encourage the development of critical thinking.
  • Help them achieve personal autonomy in the management and analysis of their own work.

During secondary the students:

  • Reinforce Catalan, Spanish, French and English as languages ​​for learning and as vehicular languages for certain subjects, and complete the development of their oral skills for speaking in public and debating.
  • They study works of world literature as an introduction to the values of different literary cultures.
  • They further their learning in the fields of mathematics and scientific-technical subjects.
  • They get a better understanding of the world through humanities and social sciences.
  • They grow on a personal level through the field trips and cultural opportunities that the city has to offer.

In addition, in order to stimulate their abilities, all students have the opportunity to take things further and participate in competitions and projects such as science Olympiads, mathematical kangaroo contests or reading out loud competitions, among others things.

Director of Secondary:

Mr. Carlos Pino


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The secondary school timetable is as follow:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: from 8.45h to 17.10h.
Wednesday: from 8.45h to 12.45h.

Students have at their disposal the media library in which to read, study or work on projects from 8 am.


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From 8:15 am to 8:50 am secondary students can wait for the start of classes in the playground, accompanied by a person from the school who will be available to assist them:

  • 6th grade: In the Pati de les Oliveres
  • Secondary: The porch playground


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Secondary students must bring the following:

  • Blue smock (only 1st and 2nd grades of Secondary)
  • White lab coat (only 3rd grade of Secondary)
  • Sports kit:
    • School sportswear: shorts, white T-shirt and tracksuit
    • White socks and white sports shoes
    • Towel and flip-flops for the shower

Textbooks and reading

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Through the whole of Secondary, students get used to studying subjects using textbooks.

Each course has a number of textbooks and compulsory reading assignments that can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding textbooks you can write to us at: [email protected].

The school offers a service for reserving and subsequently delivering (to the school) the textbooks. It will be available soon.

Throughout secondary, students read narrative, theatre and poetry in Catalan, Spanish, French, and English. We develop a comprehensive programme of works of world literature, in their original language whenever possible or translated, taking into account that literature is not merely a tool for progressing in language learning, but is unto itself a valuable entryway into the values of diverse cultures.

In addition, books, magazines and newspapers in all four of the school’s vehicular languages are available in the media library.


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In secondary school students go on a large number of outings, which allow them to acquire knowledge on the ground, in a much more authentic way.

Students have the opportunity to go on cultural outings to the theatre, visit exhibitions and museums, attend lectures, debates and seminars, go to the cinema. There are also nature outings where they learn about respect for the environment.

Thanks to these outings, students gain greater autonomy and responsibility, discover the meaning of hard work and of going above and beyond, and they learn to work in different group dynamics.

In addition during the year, all students have the opportunity to go on a field trip where they learn, grow and enjoy the company of classmates and teachers away from their usual environment.

Relationship with the families

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A close relationship between students, school and the families is necessary for the proper development of each student.

You can contact the secondary department to discuss the progress of your child or any other day-to-day issues, either by calling 93 203 03 54 or by email:

  • For administrative issues and to request a meeting with a tutor: Ms. Esperanza Alfano (Secretary) [email protected]
  • To inform of student absences: [email protected]
  • For any change or issue related to coaches: Ms. Maria Canals: [email protected]
  • For questions related to the progress or welfare of your child:

You can also send us written notes which can be delivered by your child. We ask that these notes include: date, the student’s full name and group, reason for the communication, and name and signature of the father or mother.

To monitor the progress of your child in the best possible way, we will call your family to a meeting when necessary. In the same way, families can request as many meetings as they deem appropriate.

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