Our story

Founded in 1968 by Pere Ribera i Ferran, Aula is an independent school with no political, religious or economic affiliations.

Aula was founded as an experimental school to serve society with a clear heuristic focus, encouraging learning through discovery, logical reasoning, reflection and critical thinking.

The main objective of the school is to stimulate the curiosity of students, to develop their critical thinking, promote creativity and guide them in gaining personal autonomy.

Over the years, under the guidance of the various head teachers and staff that have come and gone, the educational project has continuously evolved, always seeking to offer students the educational experiences that better stimulate their abilities for them to be able to fulfill their full intellectual and personal potential. The common theme of these experiences is hard work, since intellect develops better when a student performs tasks with a real sense of effort and self-improvement.

The school’s facilities and buildings have been renovated over the years, with the main purpose of providing the best service and maximum adaptability for the various teaching-learning methods and activities, in a location in the middle of nature.

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