Frequently asked questions

  • What’s an AULA student like?
  • How do you work with languages in the school?
  • What happens if my son or daughter doesn’t know all of the four languages taught in the school?
  • Can my son or daughter begin as a new student at any moment of the school year?
  • At what age can the students begin to use the school’s bus service?
  • What is the daily school schedule?
  • Are the lunches and snacks prepared by the school? Are there special menus?
  • How many students are in the school?
  • Is there an office for health services?
  • Do you offer any after school activities?
  • What sports are offered in the school?
  • Does the school offer summer school?
  • Do the younger children take naps?
  • At what age do children begin to read and write at school?

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